Perpetual Race


The perpetual race is a “race” that you sail on your own time.  Initially we will have two course options:  Short course and long course.  Report your results to Fleet at  Include the following info with each result:  Course, date/time, elapsed time, wind speed/dir, Skipper name, boat name and type, number of crew, spinnaker or other handicap mods.  I will list the top ten results for each course.

Short Course:

Siebold/Green can (start/finish), Short Creek (pass to port), Siebold/Green can


Long Course:

Siebold/Green can (start/finish), Short Creek (pass to stbd), UGL (pass to port), Short Creek (pass to port), Buck Island (pass to port), Siebold/Green can.  This course can be run in the reverse direction.