2019 Fall/Winter Calendar of Events (Updated 7/8/2019)

July     13       Sat.

4 pm                  Club Meeting
5 pm                  Social Hour
6 pm                  Burgers and Dogs cookout (provide by Club)
Bring dish, appetizer or dessert to share
Aug.   10        Sat.

4 pm                  Club Meeting at “Fire on the Lake”,
5 pm                  Dinner and discussion and planning for                                                                                     Chattanooga trip , including lock-through                                                                                  procedures.
Aug.   24       Sat.          Cathedral Caverns tour (drive)

Sep.    7          Sat.

4 pm                  Club Meeting
5 pm                  Social Hour – Dock Walk

Sep. 14-15       Great River Race (BCSA)
Sep. 21-22       TVCC (BCSA)
Oct. 4-11      Fri.-Fri.          Chattanooga Trip
Oct.    12       Sat.                 Autumn Challenge, Halloween Party
Oct.  19         Sat.

1 pm                Meet at Guntersville Docks and walk to Brick for                                                                  lunch.
Nov.   9          Sat.      Annual Dinner Meeting – Gunter’s Landing
Dec.    TBD       Sat.

4 pm              Club Meeting
5 pm              Social hour
6 pm              Christmas Dinner