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Calendar of Events updated on 8/20/18

Major changes coming for Lake Guntersville Sailing Club!

During the annual club meeting held on Nov 11, the members of Lake Guntersville Sailing Club (LGSC) unanimously voted for changes to our Bylaws.  These changes will enable our club to better serve our membership and provide a more stable operating environment for the functions and activities everyone enjoys.  One major change is that starting January 1, 2018, our members, their families and guests will have exclusive use and access to the clubhouse.  Membership requirements have changed so please review the posted Bylaws and your emailed copies for further information and registration/application forms.  All existing slip renters and others with interests in common with LGSC are welcome to join the Club!

Membership Application Form Download

New Club Bylaws Download

Club Rules Document

The objective of this club shall be to advance the pleasure, education and the experience of its members through organized events centered around sailing.

If you have any questions about LGSC, please contact Clark Mason, cmason@bellsouth.net

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